Let Them Eat Cake

A Royal Versailles Wedding for Kim and Kanye?

We visited Versailles in all of it’s grandness. The palace is breathtaking and the gardens that surround it are even more so.. King Louie was truly a baller and a shot caller.
It’s hard to believe that while peasants starved in villages throughout France, Marie Antoinette commissioned the construction of the Petit Hameau, a utopian hamlet with lakes, gardens, cottages, watermills and a farmhouse on the palace grounds. The queen and her ladies-in-waiting dressed up as peasants and pretended to be milkmaids and shepherdesses in their picturesque rural retreat. Marie Antoinette’s elaborate spending on frivolities such as the Petit Hameau infuriated revolutionaries and earned her the moniker “Madame Deficit.”

Versailles is one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world but because of it’s dark   history, this is not a place I would want to marry someone. I hope the Kim and Kanye rumors aren’t true but if they are, they should sage the palace from top to bottom. -Jennia Fredrique  Editor in Chief of Crown Life


Just a 40 minute train ride outside Paris, Versailles is truly a jewel in France’s crown. With its massive entry courtyard, the palace’s mythical hall of mirrors and the fountain adorned gardens which go on for miles, Versailles is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

In 1623, when King Louis XIII built a hunting lodge outside Paris, he ended up liking it so much that a decision was made to expand the residence thus giving birth to the construction of Versailles. But, it was Louis XIII’s son, Louis XIV – the Sun King – who truly made Versailles the shimmering palace it became.

In a park behind the main buildings, bicycles can be rented which allow you to peruse the grounds at a leisurely pace while massive ponds can be crossed via canoe or paddle boat.  Picnicking at Versailles is also a favorite pastime of the locals who spread out feasts fit for a king on weekends.

And while getting married at the Château itself would cost a king’s ransom, weddings can be organized near enough to Versailles that its splendor is sure to rub off on the happy couple and guests.

In fact, in the region surrounding Versailles – known as Les Yvelines – you don’t have to be a member of a royal family to be treated like one.

On one side, the grand history of France is represented by Versailles and other vestiges of long gone royals like villages Marly le Roi, Saint Remy and Maisons Lafitte. Majestic parks and monuments abound in a setting that is among France’s most exquisite.

The softer side of France is played up by the rolling forest at Rambouillet and the delightful Vallee de Chevreuse. To marry in Les Yvelines means you and your guests can easily forget the hustle and bustle of city living and return to a calmer more peaceful time at a wedding reception organized in an ages-old château, on a farm or in a natural park that goes on as far as the eye can see.







Pasteur-Weizmann Gala At the Versailles Castle

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