Gambit. Must see !960's Cinema.

It’s movie night kiddies. And we’re taking you back to 1966. Gambit. In Gambit an English cat burglar needs a Eurasian dancer’s help to pull off the perfect heist, but even the most foolproof schemes have a way of backfiring.

Ah, glorious 1960’s cinema. Technicolor fabulousness. Every frame and shot so meticulously done. The hair, the makeup, the costumes! Breathless!

What 60’s jewel are we shining a light on now, you ask? Why, Gambit of course, darling.

Gambit is a 1966 comedy heist film starring Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine as two criminals involved in an elaborate plot centered on a priceless antiquity from millionaire Mr. Shahbandar, played by Herbert Lom. It was nominated for three Academy Awards.

The film was advertised with the tagline, “Go Ahead: Tell the End (It’s Too Hilarious to Keep Secret) But Please Don’t Tell the Beginning!”

Gambit was directed by Ronald Neame from a screenplay by Jack Davies and Alvin Sargent from the original story of Sidney Carroll.


 Nicole Chang: My husband never shows his emotions. He’s English, you know.


Harry:They’ll write us into books. We’ll be historical.


Nicole Chang: You can’t tell the crooks from the good guys anymore.

ipIAwdL4Gn35vb7odhCovVnRxfyNicole Chang: You’re not even honest enough to be a crook.


Harry: I suppose this is the end of a beautiful friendship.


Nicole Chang: Serious is as serious does.

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