Parlez Vous Hair

Your Tresses on a trip to Paris

Off to the City of Love huh? Well when you’re packing, remember that Paris is the fashion capital so we’re going to need you to be Fabulous. Really, really fabulous. But what about your hair? Calm down, we’ll help you..

You got your ticket, your umbrella, your all black ensemble and your sexy underwear but..

Qu’en est-il de vos cheveux (What about your hair??)

Here are some easy tips to maintain your chic and that great hair of yours…


Wearing it straight? Pack some frizz control serum (we love Organix) an all ceramic flat iron (Remington makes a great one) and a really good power converter.



Take a fly hat. You’re headed for gray skies and it might even rain so a hat is good for a bad hair day and adds to your high fashion. Not to mention the fact that jet lag will probably have you not wanting to spend real time on your hair.


Try a wig. There is no better place to do something different than in Paris so why not rock a wig? It’s easy, fun and the wig ensures you wont have a bad hair day.



Cover it all in a fun headwrap. They look fab and if paired with the right ensemble is so high fashion.


More hair ideas? Hit us up!! We love to see your pics and hear your ideas…



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