September 2014

Darling Jenner

Her long legs, gorgeous locks, killer fashion sense, famous family, modeled for Chanel... do we need to go on? [...]


Mother Rosebud

In a society where you get to be famous for nothing Amber is our modern day Jerry Hall or Bianca Jagger. But she is not famous for nothing.. that face, that hair, her fashions, that body and oh yeah she's dated some pretty famous guys too. We love Amber Rose and here's why you should love her too... [...]

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BUtterfield 8

Gloria Wandrous: You act like a man who's expecting his wife back in town. Weston Liggett: Look, Gloria, I have to spend at least tonight with her. Gloria Wandrous: A good night's sleep will be the best thing for you. [...]


Around the World in a Day

From London to New York. There are so many fab fashionistas on the planet playing by their own rules and we love you! [...]