BUtterfield 8

Are You Ready For Movie Night?

Gloria Wandrous: You act like a man who’s expecting his wife back in town.
Weston Liggett: Look, Gloria, I have to spend at least tonight with her.
Gloria Wandrous: A good night’s sleep will be the best thing for you.

Weston Liggett: I’ve been kind of busy.

Man: Yeah, I heard. I heard. That’s the kind of busy-ness I wouldn’t mind having – again!

Weston Liggett: What are you talking about?

Man: Oh, come on, Ligget, come on! Hunh? Gloria!

[Puts his arm around him]

Man: Hunh? Sure! Oh, she’s… she’s frantic! Isn’t she like a rocket right off the Earth? Who should know better than yours truly? Ooohhh, mother, help me! I’d have left home for that. Nah… she’s got a traveling itch; she’s like a flea. Hop, hop, hop from one dog to another. She bites you, and she’s gone. She picks you up and she drops you.



Butterfield 8 is a 1960 Metrocolor Drama directed by Daniel Mann starring Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey. Taylor, then 28 years old, won her first Academy Award for her performance in a leading role. The film was based on a 1935 novel written by John Ohara.

Taylor is gorgeous in this film. Every frame. Don’t believe me? It’s movie night people, grab some wine, popcorn and get cozy on your couch for a visual treat…








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