Photos SITE Ritz hotel Paris 2010

I’m just like all the other hopeless romantics that escape to this city for love, lust and cheese. -Nichel


Nichel Priam, an artist and writer, escaped to her London flat on Elephant and Castle to attempt to paint and finish her book. She hadn’t picked up a brush or pen since receiving the dreaded news that her father was dying.

After a long night of wandering and lonely pub hopping, Nichel met the very mysterious Alexander. It was lust at first sight. The night was filled with talking, touching and promises of the future until the sun came up. Neither could remember a more beautiful night. Alas, there was only two problems, they were both married.

How could they abandon their lives and the people they had become? Is this new feeling enough to begin anew? Should they even be asking these questions?

Nichel’s mind was spinning as she lay limp in her bed. She said to herself, “New love only lasts so long, and then you crash back into the real people you are, and from as high as we were, it’s a very long fall.”

She rolled over in an attempt to sleep and forget the night only to discover that Alexander left her a note:


I know. I know we have every reason to leave this here but I can’t. I have to see you again. I don’t want to over think this feeling, I just want more of it. Come to Paris. I will be there tomorrow at The Ritz staying in the Imperial Suite. I’m not asking.



Will she join him?

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