Fit for a Prince

Some of the Ladies in Prince's Hair..

Over the course of his 33 year career, Prince has been linked with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their relationships would inform some of his best work.

“She’s always in my hair” ~Prince

The death of Prince come as a complete and utter shock to the world.
His music, his artistry and his heart will be sorely missed.

Prince and Warner Brothers recently announced a new partnership that gives Prince ownership over the master recordings of his classic albums, with the promise of a ton of unreleased peak-era Prince tunes finally seeing the light of day. Those releases include a digitally-remastered, deluxe edition of Purple Rain, which turns 30 years old this year.

We love all the lyrics and we love the women who inspired them. Growing up I wanted to be the women he wrote about. Here is a look at all the gorgeous women in his life..

I honestly can’t remember a time when Prince’s music wasn’t my soundtrack for existance.


What’s underneath your hair, is there anybody living in there? – Prince, Pop Life



Susan Moonsie

Susan was 1/3rd of Apollonia 6 and Vanity 6 and reportedly the inspiration behind “When Doves Cry.”


Vanity was the lead of Vanity 6 and Prince is said to have stolen Vanity from Rick james.



Apollonia was Prince’s leading lady in the Purple Rain film. She maintains their relationship was strictly business.

If you really want to be a star, we can do it in your Mama’s car. – Prince, Jack U Off


Susanna Melvoin, twin sister of the Revolution’s Wendy, were engaged in 1985.


Sheila E & Prince have maintained a purely musical relationship for nearly 30 years.

In this life, things are much harder than in the afterworld. In this life, you’re on your own. – Prince, Let’s Go Crazy


The lead singer for The Bangles, Prince dated Hoffs around the time the group hit big with the Prince penned “Manic Monday.”


Cat danced for Prince on the Sign O’ The Times and Lovesexy tours in 1987 and 1988.

Is the mail man jerking you around? Did he put your million dollar check in somebody else’s box? – Prince, Pop Life


Prince brought Carmen Electra into mainstream consciousness in the early 1990s.


Mayte was Prince’s first wife. They married in 1996 and divorced in 1999

What’s beyond you and me depends my friends primarily on how you view your role in eternity. – Prince, Muse To The Pharoah

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