Do You Vogue?

There's no reason for you to not step out looking like you belong on the cover of Vogue Magazine... So stop your quibbling and pull it together.. Here's some examples.. [...]

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Style Icon Iris Apfel makes a short pixie cut hot. Even at age 90, the editors at Crown Life thinks she does short and gray better than anyone. Get Fab this season by taking notes from the very glamourous Madame Apfel. [...]

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Mademoiselle Monroque

Shala Monroque is a fashion and art fixture in the Big Apple and it's easy to see why. We love how her short sexy tresses go perfectly with her smart style. Not familiar with Miss Shala? That is about to change... [...]


Parlez Vous Hair

Off to the City of Love huh? Well when you're packing, remember that Paris is the fashion capital so we're going to need you to be Fabulous. Really, really fabulous. But what about your hair? Calm down, we'll help you.. [...]


Glorious Solange Knowles

While many were speculating on a fight that no one knows anything about, we at Crown Life are taking a glorious look at the style icon. [...]


Vidal, Do We Look Good?

A working woman could save a few shillings a week, and then every five weeks she'd come in and we'd cut her hair. She could shampoo it under the shower, swing it and dry it off or just let it dry by itself. It changed the lives of many young girls who'd never had the opportunity to be styled like that before. Vidal Sassoon [...]