kim kardashian

Darling Jenner

Her long legs, gorgeous locks, killer fashion sense, famous family, modeled for Chanel... do we need to go on? [...]


The Pony Express

Many think of ponytails as just a way to get your hair out of your face at the gym but the sleek look is back. The editors at will help you achieve this easy, gorgeous look in no time flat. [...]


Flapper’s New Breed

The chic look of the 1920's Flapper will never go out of style. Crown Life has the hottest picks from gorgeous bobs to waves. [...]

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The Met Gala’s Best

Kanye, Beyonce, Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell all shined at tonight's Met Gala. Fab Beyond. Our heads nearly exploded. [...]

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Let Them Eat Cake

We visited Versailles in all of it's grandness. The palace is breathtaking and the gardens that surround it are even more so.. King Louie was truly a baller and a shot caller. It's hard to believe that while peasants starved in villages throughout France, Marie Antoinette commissioned the construction of the Petit Hameau, a utopian hamlet with lakes, gardens, cottages, watermills and a farmhouse on the palace grounds. The queen and her ladies-in-waiting dressed up as peasants and pretended to be milkmaids and shepherdesses in their picturesque rural retreat. Marie Antoinette’s elaborate spending on frivolities such as the Petit Hameau infuriated revolutionaries and earned her the moniker “Madame Deficit.” [...]


Last Call For Ombre!

Everyone was rocking the ombre hair for a moment and we've noticed a slow down in the trend. Is ombre done? takes a look at the fad and who wore it best.. [...]